Welcome to our Spring 2022 Classes:
Obedience, Rally and Conformation


Click on Classes by Day in the drop-down menu for details of classes on any given day. 


ANN FOWLER will be starting a new class on Thursdays:

3/17  Basic / Advanced Basic Obedience  (6:00—7:00 pm)

DOTTIE HAMBLIN will be starting a new class on Thursdays:

2/17  Puppy Competition / Cross Venue Class  (1:00—2:00 pm)

JESSICA NEWCOMB will be starting new classes in November, 2021. 

To reserve a spot, please email: Jessica @ rottlva@icloud.com 

Tuesdays beginning on:

11/2 Starting Utility (9:30-10:30 am) 

11/2 Heeling (10:45-11:45 am)

11/2 Intermediate Nosework — traveling (5-6 pm)

Thursdays beginning on:

11/11 ELITE Heeling (9-10 am)


If you have questions for Dottie, her email is DOTNEL2@iCloud.com

If you have questions for Jessica, her email is Rottlva@icloud.com

Saturdays beginning on:

12/4 Advanced Nosework (8:30-9:30 am)

11/6 Utility (10-11 am)

11/13 Open (11:15 am-12:15 pm)

1/8  Advanced Basic / Basic (1-2 pm)

Sundays beginning on: 

10/24 Intermediate Nosework (9-10 am) 

11/14 Beginner Novice (11:30 am-12:30 pm)

LISA McCORMICK will be starting two new classes on Wednesdays:

10/6 or 10/13  Rally - Advanced / Excellent / Masters  (6:00 pm)

10/6 or 10/13  Open Obedience with some Novice review  (7:15 pm)


Download the appropriate Registration Form, including the Coronavirus Release form, HERE.

Please email Dottie at dotnel2@icloud.com or Jessica at rottlva@icloud.com to let us know you are coming!! 


JESSICA NEWCOMB is available for private instruction to problem solve behavioral, competition problems, pet manners, or for general competitive coaching! 

Friday 1:00 - 5:00 
Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays by appointment

Please contact her via email Rottlva@icloud.com for more info or to set up lessons.

We can work anything from pet manners to nosework to competitive obedience. Remember that I also do behavioral consulting for those more challenging problems your dog might have!  Private lessons can be at your home, training center or a locally agreed-upon location. This is the time to get back on track!! 

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